On getting to Mt. Mauyog: via Tabunan Trail You might want to reroute this trail if you’d like to hike longer. However, if you will choose this trail you’ll have to pay for the P20 environmental fee + P300/guide fees plus when you arrive at Mt. Mauyog–you need to payRead More →

I am just grateful to meet new friends who loved to do both: Katkat (Hike) da Laag (Stroll). These peaks are just on my list until I met these guys. For the past few months that I indulged myself in hiking, here are my Top 5 Friendly Trails that youRead More →

Mt. Manunggal – Tabunan Trail It has been 3 years when I first stepped in Mt. Manunggal. I joined one of their festivals in 2013 together with Prince, Jaymarc and the other folks. I could remember the fun and activites that we had during that camp. I had fun, butRead More →

Mt. Manunngal Location: Tabunan, Foot of Mt. Mauyog, Mt. Manunggal camp site Hike Date: 12-JULY-2017 Everyone was excited to set foot in Mt. Mauyog. I still didn’t have sleep on Saturday, but I never hesitated to go with the team. My night shift ended at 7AM, and our assembly timeRead More →