About Me

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I started going to places with my parents during the conferences since I was young. We were able to go around Western Visayas (Panay, Iloilo, Negros Occidental, Guimaras), Negros Oriental, Davao, Tagum and Bukidnon—those were the first places and the common places that I’ve been to during my elementary years. When I reached my high school years—still I’ve been seeing the same regions but different places. When I reached my college years, I was able to visit Boracay and Cebu.

In 2011, after my college graduation, I was able to visit Thailand—my first out of the country visit for a month. From this day, I believed that dreams also do come true. Our place in Negros has been one of the places where our missionaries to Thailand drop off—-from that time on, I have been instilling on my mind, that someday ‘I will visit Thailand…’ and I also have created my bucket list.

A lot of things happened, and I developed a lust to travel. I am a pastor’s kid and it will be very difficult for me to get funds. So, after my Thailand trip, I decided to work in Cebu—from here, I already gained and build a lot of experiences that helped me for what I have become right now. I am saving money for me to be able to go around while trying to be a good steward (still working this out though).

This website is my virtual home. Lord willing, I might reach the age where I will forget things… but hopefully this site will remind me how beautiful life is, how majestic God’s creations is and how I spent and wasted my life while waiting for the Lord arrival.


Why Out Of Office Chronicles-

I can’t afford to live a digital nomad life. The worries of not able to pay bills will always cross my mind every time I think of quitting. I guess, I am still happy of being a corporate slave, having this HMO insurance – where my mother also has it for P1700 per month. I can go to places because for IOs, I have a secured job in the PH, my taxes are being paid regularly. So, as of the moment, instead of promoting “Quit your job to travel”, I am just promoting a “Seize your Rest Day” life.

This site is not only for travel, it also includes my corporate world and anything that I would like to post.