A week before or departure date, we already decided to not to go to Calauit as most of the packages that I have seen are from P2300 – P2600. It was expensive. When I met Mai, she is really decided to go to Calauit while us, I suggested to doRead More →

It’s been a 2 weeks now since we arrived from Coron, and up until now those pristine beaches and the wildlife keep on lingering on my thoughts, this is because 4 days aren’t enough to really experience the life in Coron. On May 8-12, we had an opportunity to visitRead More →

What’s not to miss in Baler? That night before we went to Baler, I kept on looking for blogs and Instagram on what to do in Baler. We barely have 24 hours to stay in Baler. While looking for posts and blogs, I stumbled upon the Dicasalarin Cove. I introducedRead More →

My 3D/2N in El Nido + 1D/1N in Puerto Princessa Itinerary | | Tour A & C + 1N Camping and Nacpan March 29 •IT Park – Mactan = P200 •ETA Puerto Princessa = 1130AM •Lunch Stop-over = P150 •ETA El Nido = 5:00 PM •Accommodation: Pawikan Hostel (Dormitory type)Read More →

Location: Baler, Aurora | Travel Date: June 15-June18, 2017 I booked a ticket for Vietnam in February for my supposed to be 28th birthday celebration. I again planned to do a tri-city (which failed last year) and it failed again this year.  My 10-day vacation leave was already approved byRead More →