Sinalau Bakas: The Wild Boar BBQ in the North of Sabah

Location: Kelawat Village, 70KM from Kota Kinabalu City, North of Borneo, East Malaysia

Malaysian terms: Sinalu = Smoked | Bakas = Wild Boar

Who could’ve thought that in the middle of the road to Kota Kinabalu Park in Ramadan days? Of course, it’s a non-halal food. Prior to our trip to Kota Kinabalu, I have been searching for the Do’s and Don’ts especially this is a Muslim area. According to the blogs, KK is friendly to the tourist, so you just can eat pork but you need to respect their beliefs as well, so better not—but this area really amazes me—it’s not that I missed pork a lot, but I just wanted to try this local dish–

When we were on our way back to the city from Poring Hot Spring, the Masiun, the car owner/driver asked us if we wanted to eat a wild boar—-that makes us excited. We have been looking for soothing unique in Kota Kinabalu that we do not have in The Philippines. In one village that is 2 hours away from Poring Hot Spring, we have been seeing several stores that have signage as “Wild Boar Burger, BBQ”… Masiun dropped us to one of the stores that serves wild boar bbq—- We were surprised that in the middle of Ramadan, in a Muslim country—there is a village that serves wild boar—of course, it’s a non-halal food and for non-muslim only. We also noticed that there are a lot of Catholic churches in the area. There were a lot of tourists that are dropping to this store to eat this dish. It was past 5 PM that time and it’s almost dinner.

The food stall.
We’re pretty excited to eat thiiiiis. 25MYR for 1 Kilo = (Php 330)


When we arrived, it was full packed with tourists travelling to the north of Sabah.


It also serves rice wine, teas, coffee, buko juice– 


And this is how they wrapped the rice. Red rice.


The Wild Boar BBQ/Sinalau Bakas: I can’t really say that it’s tender—I guess they still need to pressure cook the meat to make it more tender. It is juicy, sweet and it tastes good.


If you happen to visit Kota Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring, try to pay a visit and enjoy the local dish of this village.

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