Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery: I Sea Food

Every time I crave for sea foods, I always send a spam messages to my group chats… and of course, there’s always this one place that we would love to go—no other than CoJordan.

A part of me is still a Manaplahanon where most of the people’s livelihood is fishing— seafood in Manapla are affordable… and I missed it a lot especially when we transferred in Guimaras and Iloilo… How much more I am in Cebu? Seafood in Metro Cebu and Mandaue are pretty expensive, maybe it’s just me, but it’s very expensive. If there are restaurants that offer seafood, you can get a delicious seafood meal, small serving and expensive.


Tayud Consolacion

On getting there via a jeepney (30 minutes travel depending on how heavy the traffic is):

  • From SM City Cebu, ride a jeepney to Consolacion or Danao and on the right side drop at the Eskina before SM Consolacion = Php9.
  • Take a tricycle ride from the eskina to CoJordan = Php10.

What makes CoJordan different from the other seafood restaurants?

  • You can manage if how many kilos would you like to eat.

  • Most of the foods are fresh.

  • You can ask for a videoke stand on your private cottage = Php5/song.

  • Private cottage costs Php100-Php300.

  • You can fish on their own pond.

  • You can eat by hand an no one will judge. 😀

  • Foods are freshly cooked.

So, the next time you are staying in Cebu city and craving for seafood, drop at CoJordan.

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