Things You Will Love in Marina Bay Sands– Singapore

Things You Will Love in Marina Bay Sands– Singapore

When I went to Singapore, the only thing that I thought is to just at least see the famous MBS, stroll at USS and the visit the Merlion Park… Yet, on my 2nd month, I was so blessed to have an opportunity to swim at their famous infinity pool. This was after kuya withdrawn his PR in SG.

The following are the things why I fell in-love with MBS.

  • The MBS itself: Structure and the services. You’re really getting what you are paying for.

  • The breath-taking infinity swimming pool.

The moment that MBS surfaces around the social media, everyone was too eager to go to this place. Who will not fall in-love with their infinity pool? We were able to take this picture early in the morning…

The pictures below were taken in the afternoon— an inter-culture pool & and place. MBS is giving a yellow band to the visitors of the guests.

And I wonder how people are not falling—

  • It has a very spacious room, spacious bathroom and spacious lounge.

  • Got to love the the skyline, the 360 view, skyscrapers, city lights and light show at night.

  • An option to use the pool… or the Jacuzzi.

These are just the few reasons that I have on my list. What’s yours?

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