Puting Bato: Lutopan’s Monolith

PUTING BATO, Lutopan, Toledo City

  • Hike Date: April 30, 2018

On getting to Puting Bato:

  • Take a bus from South Bus Terminal going to Landinganan, Lutopan for P70
  • Jump off point: Das Village

Expenses for the guides:

  • P150 /guide
  • South Bus Terminal – Lutopan: P50

We met our guide (Thanks to Mommy Wella) at Das Village at 10AM just few meters away from Mommy Wella’s house—Charlies suggested to to take the Puting Bato route first because Mt. Makatol mght take 4 hours, we might not get interested with Puting Bato anymore, and everyone agreed. Few meters away from the jump-off point, we ascended to a community’s basketball court. We took the right route for Puting Bato.

Another quick rest 🙂 It was just toooooo hot.

It was an easy trail until we reached the foot of the giant monolith, — you have to literally climb through the rocks, it’s like your climbing and 80 – 90-degree assault. It was challenging for me as I already developed the fear of heights—one thing that I don’t want to happen but it’s inevitable—so while I still I can, I am doing it. You really must be careful because you don’t know if the rocks that you are holding or stepping might lose anytime.  Once you passed that part, the trail going to the peak isn’t that difficult at all.

Finally, we reached the top. Who can’t unnoticed the the mountains turned to a mining place, the landmark of Lutopan–the catholic church still looks big even seeing it from afar, and finally the Mt. Makatol beside the Puting Bato–you can still see how green it is and untouched.

Overlooking Lutopan. Atlas Mining from afar.


Luscious Green, Mt. Makatol from Puting Bato’s POV.
At this point, we decided not to go to Mt. Makatol at all, it was 12:30 NN and according to the guides, it will still take 4 hours to reach the peak. As an alternative, we thought of going to Obong Spring for us clean ourselves.

We decided to go back to Mommy Wella’s house as there were a lot of people were coming up. There my worries again— I was nervous upon going down, and I am not sure if the rocks that I was holding will get lose… it took me a while to finally reach the foot of the monolith but amazing how the next group that was following us—they brought a kid, and she can even go down without any worries.

We arrived at the Das Village’s basketball court and we took our mini-lunch / snack—Thank God there’s fish balls and tempura that filled our hungry stomachs after a heart pumping hike.

Trek Notes:

  • You don’t really need to spend for a long time at the peak, you can plan for another neighboring peak to hike. There’s Mt. Kalbasaan, Camp 7 or Camp 8, Mt. Makatol & Mt. Kabuwan
  • Bring just your essentials (water or trail food).
  • It’s hot at the top, so bring yourself your cap, bring your sunblock lotion.
  • Wear a sturdy shoes or sandals that has a good grip.
  • Leave no trace. Respect the wildlife.
  • Pray for a safe and sound hike.

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