Calauit Safari Park: My Closest Encounter with the Zebras and Giraffes

Calauit Safari Park: My Closest Encounter with the Zebras and Giraffes

A week before or departure date, we already decided to not to go to Calauit as most of the packages that I have seen are from P2300 – P2600. It was expensive. When I met Mai, she is really decided to go to Calauit while us, I suggested to do the Tour A & B.

Night before our ultimate tour, we have been looking for an alternative and ways if we will really go to Calauit or will stick to the plans. We contacted several agencies— and finally, they responded to us that it’s P5000 for van rental. In the morning, we asked the driver who fetched us if he can drive us to Calauit, he agreed for P5000. And poof, plans changed. Our Sunday doesn’t have an itinerary. For the record here’s our expenses:

  • Van Rental – P5000 (P833.33 / 6 pax)
  • Breakfast – P100/pax
  • Roundtrip Boat to Calauit Island – P500 (P83.33 / 6 pax)
  • Entrance fee for the locals- P200
  • Lunch – P150
  • TOTAL per person = P1 366.66

We departed Bahay Kawayan at 6AM, took our lunch from one of the houses near Ocam-ocam and arrived at Calauit at 8:45 AM. For us to reach Calauit Island there was a 7-minute boat ride to the island.



Stop-over for the breakfast!


When the river and the ocean meet…

We paid P200 for the entrance fees which is very reasonable and we had seen that the fees that we are paying really go a long way. We were very excited to see giraffes and zebras on the ground, and for a few meters away from the registration area, we already have seen zebras and deer. They were anywhere.  They were free. I was just hot, really hot, and you just can’t help it but to endure the heat since there were no other means to reach the gazebo and the jump-off point of the tour. We were told to proceed to the white house to meet our tour guide, yet there’s none in the center, so we just went directly to the store, in front of the closed gazebo where everyone’s feeding the giraffes.


They are free–

We waited for our guide and waited for everyone to finish their tour… and finally, we got one! It was our time to feed the giraffes. I just love how these giraffes will come near to you, they were so kind (of course, because we’re feeding them) and I just wanted to hug them.

Giraffes are really gorgeous.

We have had no leaves left and it’s time for us to go around the area. Thanks to our guide for being patient. We heard his story about the island, about the Marcos era and the park, how the animals got to the island and the rest is history. It’s just heart breaking that his salary doesn’t arrive on-time.

The zebras resting place.


Zebras aren’t that really friendly.

Anyway, few meters away from the free area, we have seen the animals in captive, there were wild pigs, porcupine, bearcat, a monkey, crocodiles, and the free turtles/tortoise.


The deer & the antelope (i guess??)…


And here’s to my travel buddies on my first quarter of the year. #TeamHades

We are now on our way back to Coron, and I still can’t get over with how gorgeous Giraffes are… Here’s how they look like every time people feed them from the pen.

The Feeder’s Pen.


It was hot… but who cares? At least we enjoyed our day.

Time to go home, it’s almost 12 and we needed to get back to Coron and to get some rest for our hike to Mt. Tapyas. Road is smooth, no traffic, less people and we arrived safe and sound in both point.😊 If we haven’t found this option, surely, I haven’t encountered these pretty towers of giraffes and the dazzle of zebras. This might just a budget going to Calauit, but it’s one of the highlights of our Coron tour. 


What to bring:

  • Wear your most comfortable outfit as you will be walking most of the time.
  • Bring extra clothes–it will get very hot at times and you will be strolling around the park for almost an hour, under a scorching heat.
  • Bring enough H20. There is a store in the area, however if you wanted to save, just bring an extra H20 for you.
  • Ocam-ocam is just around the area, so you might want to bring swim wear as well.

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