5 Reasons to Love TOM N TOMS COFFEE in Cebu City

5 Reasons to Love TOM N TOMS COFFEE in Cebu City

Thank you, Denise and Allen for the sumptuous dinner…

So, I spent my Christmas Eve at Tom n Toms Coffee in front of SM City. As of this writing, I am still waiting for the sun to rise so that I can go home safe and sound. Since I am not doing anything and I listed few points why to love Tom N Toms:

  • Friendly and very accommodating barista and staff.

I have been to Lahug, Lapu-Lapu and the SM Branch and everyone is very friendly. Though there were few times that my order went wrong but because they are too good, I just can’t rant. Their baristas are very professionals which can also be at par with the famous American brands– but… but… the baristas of TNT do not memorize names and coffee & teas preferences… maybe they might wanna do that one of these days too…

  • The Garlic Butter Bread is delicious paired with Peppermint tea or Mint Coffee.

Of course, my favorites might not be your favorite, but for sure, you’ll find your match in Tom N Toms.

  • Spacious and cozy interior. Clean and refreshing ambience.

Who doesn’t love big and cozy spaces?

  • The locations are pretty accessible to the major routes.

Since I am in Mandaue, , these 3 locations are very accessible to most of the major jeepney routes and cabs which also operate 24/7.

  • Fast WiFi!!!

The unspoken rule to every coffee shops. 😀 Some might not agree with this, but for me, it’s already a necessity.

And it seems that sun’s already up, and it’s 6:01 AM, December 25, I’ve been here since 1130 PM, December 24… I don’t usually stay for a long time in a coffee shop as I understand that I shouldn’t overstay, but I don’t wanna spend the night sleeping and there’s no other place to go yesterday… Anyway, it’s safe to go home now. Thank you, TOM N TOMS.

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