Ormoc: The Gateway to Region 8 Adventures

Ormoc: The Gateway to Region 8 Adventures

Supposedly last week (written a week after November 10-11-12), I will be joining a major climb at Mt. Talinis, however 2 weeks before that big day, I found out that the date that was approved was only on the 13th of November, while the climb will start on the 10th of November reason why I came up with a very good idea—to gate crash to Hocson Brothers’ humble abode!

And here yea go… Right after my shift on Saturday (11-11), I went directly to Pier 1 to catch the 1:30 PM trip of Ocean Jet. I arrived at 12:30 at Pier 1 and I was very blessed to catch the 1:30PM trip of Weesam Express. It was a weekend, yet the boat wasn’t full and I’ve got the whole bay for me. The boat docked at 4PM at Ormoc Port.

It was my 2nd time to visit Ormoc , 2nd time in Isabel, 2nd time in Palompon and 1st time in Naval.  Below is the list on where to go if you are just stepping foot in Ormoc, Palompon & Naval. If you happen to pass by on these places and you have a 3-4 hours layover or rest, visit these places:

Coffee break at Coastal Cups in Coastal Resto.

On Sunday, after the church service in Isabel, I went with Joshua to Palompon. He still had a church service in Palompon, while I had my chance to walk around Palompon. I have been in Palompon for 4x this time. On that day I had the chance to witness the Triathlon for the kids in the Liberty Park. After a few minutes of watching hose lil kiddos, I went straight, to the opposite side of the Liberty Park to go to grab some food and get some coffee. I passed by their local church, the market and the termina to reach Cafe Umberto. I was the first customer of Cafe Umberto on that Sunday. It was all fine as long as there is coffee. I was able to drink a brewed coffee, a cup of capuccino coffee, and had a filipino style spaghetti while waiting for Joshua. When he came, I again had a Lasagna and back ribs for him.

On Monday morning, we missed our 3AM trip, instead we departed Isabel at 3:40AM and finally arrived in Naval at 6:30AM, it was a 3-hour road trip. We had our breakfast just beside the bus terminal, took our tickets for 10AM for Marapipi Island and went to LubDub Cafe for a coffee break.

Where to Eat in Ormoc?

  • Coastal Resto (not sure if this is still operational)
  • Spork
  • Lorenzo’s

Where to Go in Ormoc?

  • Sabin Resort Hotel
  • Lake Danao National Park (accessible in through Palompon)
  • Carmelite Spirituality Center (accessible in through Palompon)
  • Leyte Geothermal Production Field

Where to Eat in Palompon?

  • Café Umberto – I spent few hours in this café while Joshua was preaching. I was the first customer on that Sunday. On this month, Palompon is celebrating their annual festival.
  • 1620 Bistro

Where to Go in Palompon?

  • Liberty Park
  • St Francis Xavier Church
  • Lantaw Palompon
  • Kalanggaman Island

Coffeeshop in Naval, Biliran

  • LubDub Cafe

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