Capilla Santa Ana, Toledo City, Cebu

Capilla Santa Ana, Toledo City, Cebu

On getting to Capilla Santa Ana:

  • Kamagayan (vHire)- Toledo City = P100/way
    Gaisano City, Toledo – Capilla Sta. Ana = P7-10
  • South Bus Terminal (bus)- Toledo City = P80-P100/way
    Gaisano City, Toledo – Capilla Sta. Ana = P7 – P10
  • Chartered car/Private car
    Cebu City – Toledo City via Transcentral 1 hr – 1.5 hrs
  • Capilla Santa Ana Entrance Fee = P100

If you are in a private car, it might be challenging to locate the chapel since it was surrounded by the great, tall walls. It’s just a 5-minutes drive from Gaisano. If you think you will get lost, you may always ask the locals or the drivers about it.

So here’s what we can see inside the chapel. The guide will tour you around the first floor until you can come up to a one room wherein most of the antique relics are there and photography is strictly prohibited.

After roaming around the ground floor, we went up to the mezzanine to see more of their collections.

The chapel.


View from the mezanine

An antique piano on the mezzanine.


Mezzanine collections.


The Labyrinth: After our church/museum tour, we headed our way to the labyrinth. We were so excited to complete the race. Everyone was. It’s my first time to experience this and I was able to realize the difference between the labyrinth and the maze :).

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