My Spartan Trail Experience

Location: Banawa – Buhisan Watershed – Brgy. Pamutan

Hike Date: 08OCT2017


  • 6:30 AM ETD Monterrazas de Cebu
  • 4:00 PM ETA Guadalupe Church


  • Mandaue – Banawa = (taxi) 150
  • Tisa – Guadalupe = P10
  • Guadalupe – SM = P10
  • SM – Mandaue = P7


Cheers to our second attempt of conquering Spartan Trail because we were able to finish the trail without getting lost anymore.

1st Leg – Rustan Banawa to Monterrazas de Cebu

Good Shepherd Rd, Cebu City, Cebu
Pre-climb Orientation and Introduction

We started our hike at Rustans, Banawa with 20 persons at 6:30 AM. Out first leg from Rustan to Good Shepherd Road and spent a little time for introduction- and this is where our jump off started. Going till the 13th station was pretty easy until we reached the last house going to Monterrazas’s plain. I know what will happen, so I go with the leads since I wanted to have a long rest. Since we started the trek at 6:30AM, it was already hot, until we reached the top of Monterraza’s. At the top of Monterrazas we have seen how lovely Cebu is.

2nd Leg – Monterrazas de Cebu to Buhisan River Watershed

From Monterrazas going to the famous Mango tree (rest) to the water source (rest) to the river stream may take an hour, but since we were 20, it took almost an hour and a half. The descending trail to the river stream is muddy and has full of wild plants, so you have to be careful if you don’t have a pole, never touch the plants as it might hurt you. Upon arrival at the river bank, we turned left and after few meters, there’s another turn right going to the big stream.

3rd Leg – River Trek at Buhisan Watershed

Finally, we have been looking for the bigger stream since last week. From the moment, that we have reached the big stream, everyone was relieved (we lost once) as we are on the right track. Just a few moments that we arrived in the big stream, it flooded. We stayed in the bank for 10 minutes and we started the trek. Along our way, we have seen a group of kids with few adults together with their cooking tools and food.

After 1.5 hours of river trek, we finally reached the falls.  We took our lunch beside the falls and spent an hour. Jeffy took a dip and everyone just prepared for another trek. One of my favorite parts in the river is the rock climbing beside the falls. It’s just exciting.

4th Leg – Assault to Brgy. Pamutan

We finally reached the spot in the river going to Brgy. Pamutan. It’s a small way and if you don’t know the place or you don’t have any guides, you might get lost.  In the middle of the way, there’s a corner, choose the left way. Everything from the river was ascending. The most challenging part there is there was a part of the trail that it’s very muddy, and I just hate it because worms might get out any moment.

5th leg – Brgy. Pamutan to Tisa

When we arrived in Brgy. Pamutan, I never thought that our endpoint is just beside the road. Cool! If you will just look into it, you can never say that there’s more to that forest. We had a few meters to walk by to the stores and had our mini socials. We cleaned up ourselves in one of the stores while the others sang their hearts out for a safe and sound hike. Supposedly, our IT is pointing to Bocaue and RCPI, but everyone decided to just descend to Tisa-Guadalupe as everyone’s already tired.

Along the way from Pamutan, Jackie and I realized that we already walked a long way. I could say that my previous hikes helped me a lot to endure that kind of trail. It wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t that too difficult too. There were no scenic views but surely I enjoyed the trail.

My father still doesn’t  approve this kind of activity as he thought that I couldn’t endure everything and he thinks that it will be difficult for me to do that. He just couldn’t imagine if what will I do if in case there will be flash floods and landslides in the mountain. I seriously do not know too, but I am gaining confidence along the way. I am learning and thanks to the mountains.

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