What to Prepare on Your First Hike, Trek & Camp in Cebu

What to Prepare on Your First Hike, Trek & Camp in Cebu

Preparing a hike or camp in Cebu is very easy because you don’t need to bring a lot unless you have a lot of essential things to bring. You only have to prepare for the heat of the sun and the coldness of the night. I could still remember my first hike, trek and traverse at Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls. I just wore my slippers, pullovers and I brought my backpack and my duffle bag. I think I was more excited to go to Lambug than to hike.

That’s how I looked when we traversed Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls. Odd. 😂

< img src=”https://outofofficechronicles.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/img_5005-1.jpg” height=”1536″ class=”wp-image-1356″ width=”2048″><<<< t be pressured in what to prepare and what to bring on your first hike, trek and camp. Fret not, I listed few of the essentials that you need to bring on our hike.

What to Prepare

  1. Know your trail.
  2. The weather.

What to Bring

  1. Extra clothes
  2. Enough water and ion drinks
  3. Food, chocolate bars and trail foods.
  4. Your essentials (tissue, wet wipes)
  5. First aid kit or personal medicines
  6. Trash bag
  7. Raincoat and rain cover for your bag. Weather

What to Wear

  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Polyester or synthetics shirts and arm sleeves protector

Cotton shirts may do but once it gets wet, it takes forever to dry up. But it’s recommended to use a polyester or any synthetics shirts for your hiking.

The arm sleeves protector is for your protection from the heat of the sun, long bushes and thorns.

  • Leggings

Same as the arm sleeves protector, leggings will protect you from the heat of the sun and long bushes along the trail.

  • Trail shoes/sandals/slippers

Once you already know the trail, you will know what to wear. You can wear sneakers or sandals if it’s just a plain trail. If you’ll pass by a river then I recommend to wear sandals or water shoes that can work in water and dry trails. But overall, if you are a newbie and you just casually hike and just want to experience hiking, then rubber shoes, sneakers or sandals will do.

If you want to check out the hiking shoes (2017), check this link out – http://www.yourhikeguide.com/recommendedhikingshoes/

Camp Preparation

  1. Water resistant tent/Outdoor tents
  2. Cook set
  3. Enough food 😀
  4. Jacket/hood
  5. Rain coat
  6. Flashlight or headlight
  7. More water

After all these, you are now ready for your first trek, hike & camp! 🙂 Eventually, you learn to invest hiking gears for hour regular hike. Gears do not need to be expensive to enjoy hiking.

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