Toledo City Peaks; Mt. Tagaytay & Udlom Peak: Fascinating Toledo

Toledo City Peaks; Mt. Tagaytay & Udlom Peak: Fascinating Toledo

On Saturday, September 25, 2017, together with Katkat Da Laag, we went to Toledo City to experience Mt. Tagaytay, Udlom Peak and the Malubog Lake. It was one of the earliest meet-ups that happened since we were starting. 🙂 Glad we were able to left the South bus Terminal at 5:00. We arrived in Toledo 6:20 AM and we had our breakfast at McDonalds.

After our breakfast, we went to the jeepney terminal going to Brgy. Casoy and waited until 7:30AM.

Mt Tagaytay/ Mt. New Bucao & Udlom Peak ITINERARY

04:00 AM: Meet up at Cebu City South Bus Terminal
05:00 AM: ETD from Cebu City
07:00 AM: ETA TOLEDO CITY/breakfast/ride a tricycle that will take you to the jeepney bound for Casoy
8:00 AM: ETD Toledo City
09:00 AM: ETA Barangay Hall/meet the guide
09:10 AM: Depart from Barangay Hall
11:00 AM: ETA Mt Tagaytay/Lunch
12:30 PM: ETD Mount Tagaytay
1:30 PM: ETA New Bucao/Udlom Peak
02:00 PM: Start descend to Barangay Hall
03:30 PM: Take a jeepney to Toledo City
04:30 PM: ETA Toledo City Bus Terminal
04:40 PM: Hop on a bus ride to Cebu City
06:40 PM: Home Sweet Home



  • Guide: Php** (with lunch and snacks)
    South Bus Terminal to Sangi or Toledo City: Php65 NONAirCon / P85 AirCon / P100 v-hire
  • Toledo City/Eskina Sangi to Casoy (General Climaco): Php20
  • Casoy to Sangi/Toledo City: Php20
  • Toledo City/Sangi to South Bus Terminal: Php65 NONAirCon / P85 AirCon / P100 v-hire

Seriously, this is something like your Windows XP default desktop background.


And this is our last peak, where we spent our lunch and socials. Tagaytay Hill from afar.


Our last stop, the Mt. New Bocau, an overlooking spot of Malubog Lake.

Thanks to Ms. Beth Dacuma for the itinerary and for helping us making our way up to Udlom Peak.


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