Bacalla Woods Camp Site – Disconnect to Reconnect

Bacalla Woods Camp Site – Disconnect to Reconnect

Are you looking for a place where you can meet new people, have a cup of coffee with a scenic view, let the time pass by and think a lot in your hammock, just play and have fun with the other campers? How long can you live on a place that has no mobile signal?  If you are a free spirited person, looking for more adventure, this place is for you.

On Sunday morning, I asked Freah on where to go after church since I was on leave on Monday and her shift is still at 10PM. I had a lot of options in my mind- to go to Negros or Ormoc-Tacloban since my church mates were already there. Yet upon looking at my budget, it can’t reach up until the 15th. That’s when Freah told me about Bacalla Woods Camp Site, and we decided to go after our worship service. We didn’t have a lot of information about the camp site aside from the details posted on their Facebook account.

We planned to meet at eMall to buy our all time favorite Piattos and Cheese Rings, my all-time supplement Gatorade, and our H2O.  From South Bus Terminal, a bus ride cost P30 to San Isidro, San Fernando. Better to sit at the back or near the driver so that you can remind him where to drop you off, it’s only a 30-45 minute drive away from the South Bus Terminal.

From San Isidro corner, it’s only a 15-20 minute ride from the corner. You’ll pass through a scenic view and you just can’t think how blessed San Fernando is of having those mountains and stream that surround the place. There’s no mobile signal, so make sure you already prepared your OOO replies or inform someone or where you are up to. From the corner, we paid P60/each for the habal-habal, and we eventually learned that it’s only P60/habal-habal.

When we arrived, there were campers playing on the skateboard rink, few were on their hammocks, while some were playing boxing. After a while, the other campers went to the basketball court and the others went back to their own hammocks. We learned that everyone should go together during dinner and will share whatever they have so Freah and I, together with Chow, bought foods for the dinner.

They do not have corkage, so you just can bring any food and drinks that you want. If you want to buy food through them, make sure to have your reservations prior coming in. If you are just walking-in, you can buy foods and other essentials from the main town. There is a store few meters away from the camp site but it’s limited.

The cooking and washing area.
Afternoon chikka… while everyone’s busy on their own thing.

We have been playing UNO… when the owners arrived; we realized that it’s not only us who are staying in the cabin. It’s actually a community who loves outdoors (surfing, skating, biking) dogs, music and art. The owners are very free-spirited and very accommodating.

UNO w/ new friends.

We had our dinner together with everyone. It’s a ‘Wash Your Own Plate’ site, so you need to wash whatever utensils you have used. After the dinner, we had the chance to talk with any other campers. The night was getting late, and everyone who was still awake came to the ground floor where everyone sang their hearts out in the middle of the night. The cabin has guitars, ukulele, different drums and beat box, shaker and violin. So you can just choose any instrument if you love to.

In the morning, Freah and I had our coffee together while everyone’s still asleep. At 7AM, supposedly, we had to go to Carcar to eat lechon, but the Ate-The Owner, said that we can still take our breakfast in there, so we stayed. Few minutes passed and everyone from the camp woke up. While Ate-The Owner and the others cooked for the breakfast, we played Chess and the Pinoy version of Chinese Checkers– Dama (haha, seriously, wa ko kahibaw unsay English ana), it was pretty fun. The place has a lot of board games (chess board, scrabble, word factory, UNO, card game, and board games that I am not aware of).

Morning scene.
DAMA – The Filipinos version of Chinese Checkers.

This spot is perfect for your hammock, sleeping bag and tent, warmer, sweatshirt, coffee, unwinding and making new friends. There is no mobile signal in the place, so it’s really a place to disconnect. Time to say good-bye to the camp site, we had fun!

At 10:30AM, we already prepared ourselves to Carcar, it’s only a P12 ride to eat lechon.

Expenses and How to Get There: (exclusive of dinner & misc):

  • Mandaue – Mabolo = P7
  • Mabolo – Jones = P7
  • South Bus Terminal – San Isidro, San Fernando = P30
  • Habal-habal to Bacalla Woods Camp Site = P60/habalhabal (P30 each)
  • Bacalla Woods Camp Site – Entrance = P150 w/ Breakfast
  • Bacalla Woods Camp Site – Hammock Rent = P100

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