Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Corporate Job

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Corporate Job

For almost 6 years in the corporate, I have learned to look beyond all the bad things that happened to me inside this giant aquarium called corporate. Here are some things that I learned to love over the years.

  • I’ve got to wear my favorite hoodie, sweatshirt and jacket and I’ve been able to switch between my classic formal shoes to my favorite sneakers.


I have nothing to worry where to use my jackets, coats and hoodies–our production floor allows those as long as I follow the dress code. I can be as formal with my coat today and I can wear my lazy and comfy hoodie for tomorrow!

  • I’ve been able to use my favorite mug and tumbler where I can sip my cup of coffee, all the time.

  • I have expanded my circle of friends and network. I have been able to talk and connect with other nationalities.

For almost 6 years in the corporate, I have had the opportunity to meet different people from different walks of life, different places, and different career paths. I also had a chance to meet people in Manila, India, US since I have counterparts and team leads from there. I was able to meet people from China because of my short assignment in Dalian. Through that, I was able to meet a hardworking and talented Filipino Community (outside organization) in Dalian too.

  • I love the healthy competition between my peers.

In corporate, you’ll be left behind if you are not competitive. If you are not performing, you will not be recognized nor awarded. With my current organization, you’ll be able to see the fairness of it because you are the one who’s creating your priorities. These priorities will be also checked against your peers, and it will check what differences you made in your organization, who did more and what impact it created. If you are on the right organization, everything matters, hard work really pays.

  • I love that I have nothing to worry about paying my government contributions personally.

For 6 years now, I didn’t have to worry about my government contributions as paying these are done by the company.

  • I’ve  appreciate company perks such as HMO/Medical Insurance, discounted phone plans and other memberships, etc…

I am paying a P1650 for my mother’s MaxiCare’s insurance which I think is a good deal since my mom doesn’t have a PhilHealth contribution, my friends are only paying P2000-unlimited internet for their iPhone 7 subscription, no annual service fee for BPI’s credit card, etc. etc.

  • I love and appreciate different roles and tasks assigned to me.

I enjoyed most being part of the core team. I was assigned to be the QA Lead for 1 year and 11 months, then I was transferred to be part of the Shift Supervisors for almost 2 years too, together with that I have ad-hoc tasks with me such as:

Training: As part of the QA Team, we also have task to play during the training. We were assigned to create decks and do the training as well. I had the opportunity to meet new people and know everyone before they will be deployed in the team.

Great Place to Work/Best Place to Be Advocate: Our team worked with different kinds of team engagement activities. If it’s a thproject’s activity, then we are assigned from the program to logistics. It’s a self-sufficient project.

Procurement Management: I was assigned to procure items for the awardees and other stuff the the project needs. I got to know people from the workplace and security team from securing gate passes (delivery and pull-out form) and work passes.

Change Management POC: As a CM POC, I’ve got to know everything, from the versioning to the new changes of people, management and other stuff in my organization. Change Management is very integral to a project as well and it helped me grow in this field. I have ITIL certification and through this, I am able to practice it here.

  • TEAM OUTINGS (Dinner & Lunch) are anywhere. You can just choose if to whom do you want to go with.

I’ve got to love the team outings that have been pot lucked by everyone and the lunch and dinner if the clients are around.

We had Canyoneering with the client and the client team, we went out of town when they had enough time, we had a lot of eat-all-you-can moments with the leads and client. It’s also one way of knowing them and letting them know you too.

  • I’ve learned to be conscious with my grammar and pronunciation and practiced my English conversational skills.

  • I have learned to love MS Excel!

When I started as a QA Lead, I started to learn to love MS Excel. This literally gave me a nightmare and headache when I started to do things in Excel. Eventually, seems everything lies in Excel and I thank my mentor about that. Everyone from the support team is learning MS Excel.



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