When Setting Foot to Mt. Mauyog Failed

  • Mt. Manunngal
  • Location: Tabunan, Foot of Mt. Mauyog, Mt. Manunggal camp site
  • Hike Date: 12-JULY-2017

Everyone was excited to set foot in Mt. Mauyog. I still didn’t have sleep on Saturday, but I never hesitated to go with the team. My night shift ended at 7AM, and our assembly time is 8AM at Ayala Terminal.

When we finally arrived at Cantipla, there were several stores where we bought food to just fill our starving stomachs and for our lunch as well. There was a 20-minute, going around the mountains of Cantipla and a habal-habal ride to Sitio Awayan, Tabunan. At Sitio Awayan, there were also small food stalls where we bought some canned goods. We paid P20 each for the environmental fee and P300/guide.

We started our trek by crossing a small stream, and after that everything is an uphill battle. It isn’t a walk in the park trek since it was raining, yet Jane managed to hike with just a pair of slippers. We have two guides from Sitio Ayawan, Joshua and the other guy who have been with us all throughout the trek.

Just crossed a stream!

After a 2-hour trek through Sunog Trail, we finally reached a noiseless covered court, and we’re seeing a cemented road going to Mt. Mauyog, and the rain poured very hard.

We stayed in the store nearby for an hour and let the rain passed and had our lunch. The storekeeper was very accommodating, she even let us stayed in her vicinity even though the store is closed and the owner wasn’t around.

After lunch and when the rain passed by, we then paved our way to the jump off point of Mt. Mauyog summit. Here’s where the setback of our Mt. Mauyog trip happened.  Here’s why:

When we finally arrived at the foot of Mt. Mauyog, the owner asked us to pay P300/5 persons for 1 guide and a P30 fee per hike. We were 15 and it will cost us P1350 and that made us hesitant to go to the summit. My fellows, ask the owner if they could provide a receipt, and this is where he got mad. He told us that ——————————————–. It wasn’t good idea to go up when the vibe was already negative. Nothing against them because it’s their place, their rules. Maybe, we just didn’t like how the owner approached us. That’s when we decided to go to Mt. Manunggal instead.

See that peak? That’s the Mauyog peak.

It was heavy for us to not to push through Mt. Mauyog, however we just didn’t have a choice. We just enjoyed another 2 hours going to Mt. Manunggal. And oh, there were 3 dogs who guided us going to Mt. Manunggal, not sure where they came from.

These dogs followed us from the foot of Mt. Mauyog to Mt. Manunggal.
No rain cover? No problem! 🙂

When we arrived in Mt. Manunggal, the rain poured very hard, luckily one of the locals accommodated us to her house and good things she has a store where we had our pancit canton sesh. We stayed there for almost an hour.

At 4PM, we started to descend back to Brgy. Tabunan. It was a 3-hour descending trail. Everyone didn’t care to rest because it’s almost dark and we didn’t bring flashlights with us. In the middle of the trail, I get pissed off because I was thinking that the earthworms will just appear anywhere, and it never felt so good. I was already awake for 28 hours, and I was just thankful that I bought Gatorade, that’s the only time that I felt that it refueled me every now and then.

By 7PM, we finally reached Brgy. Tabunan, my agony finally ended, as I realized that I can get a shower and take a sound sleep. We still have a 30 minute ride from Cantipla to JY Square, while the others went to Sirao Peak for a meteor shower night.

I had a great day! I never thought that I could endure that long walk without enough sleep. Truly, hiking could really give a different perspective in life.

Katkat Notes:

  1. If you want to go to Mt. Mauyog, better go directly to the foot of Mt. Mauyog.

Entrance Fee P30/person

Guide: P300/guide for 5 persons

  1. If you choose to go to Mt. Mauyog via the Tabunan or Sunog trail, prepare for heavier fees:

Habal Habal from Cantipla, Tabunan to Sitio Awayan, Brgy. Tabunan: P50

Entrance Fee: P20

Guide: P300/guide

3. On this climb, we haven’t reached any of the peaks yet the trail from Mt. Manunggal back to Sitio Awayan was muddy and on the first few meters it was steep. Everything is descending and the reason why I felt bad that time it’s because I didn’t have sleep from a night shift and we didn’t reach any peaks.

Revised Itinerary & Expenses – Since we didn’t set foot in Mt. Mauyog summit:

Ayala V-Hire Terminal – Cantipla – P120

Cantipla – Sitio Ayawan – P50

Tabunan Environmental Fee – P20

Guide Fee – P300

Itinerary: Mt. Mauyog Day Trek

0900 Take Vhire to Cantipla, Tabunan from Ayala Terminal (P120)

1000 ETA in Cantipla, Tabunan; Eat breakfast in Irene’s Eatery (P50)

1030 Take habal-habal ride to Sitio Awayan (Jump Off Point) (P50/head)

1045 ETA Jump Off, Meet Robinson the guide (P300 guide fee)

1100 Start trek via Sunog Trail

1230 Lunch in the Sari-sari Store near an Open Gym

1300 Resume Trek

1330 ETA Foot of Mt. Mauyog

1430 ETA Mauyog Peak

1500 BackTrail to Sitio Awayan thru Sunog Trail

1700 ETA Sitio Awayan; ETD to JY Square


1800 ETD to Sirao Peak

1900 ETA Sirao Peak; Pitch Tent; Socials: Meteor Rain Watching

2200 Lights Off!

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