A Cheesy and Corny Dinner at Fat Dois

A Cheesy and Corny Dinner at Fat Dois


Address: AS Fortuna, Cebu City | 2017JULY

Two weeks ago, I had the time to catch up with my colleagues on the other project for a ‘Where to Eat on Payday?” moment. Mhylie chose Fat Dois.

We arrived there at 6:30 and we were able to eat by 7:30. We were already starving, however, since their place is not that big, it couldn’t be able to accommodate everyone.

We ordered 3 dishes on their menu, and my favorite was the spare ribs. Your orders will be served with a heating appliance and a sizzling plate. When the cheese started to melt, that’s the time that you can enjoy the dishes.

Cheese Ribs
Spicy Noodles
Cheesy Chix

To those who wanted to indulge themselves with cheese, this place is for you.

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