Chasing South Cebu Waterfalls

Location: Ginatilan, Samboan, Oslob | Date: March 7 – 8, 2016

My Rest Days Travelogue: Hidden Gems of the South




  • Inambakan, Ginatilan
  • Dau, Samboan
  • Aguinid, Samboan
  • Hidden Falls, Samboan
  • Cuartel, Oslob


  • South Terminal – Samboan (4 – 4.5 hrs) P168
  • Habal Habal to Ginatilan (where we stayed)- P25 (*2)
  • Room Rental in Ginatilan (rest, refresh & battery charging)- P500/2
  • Habal habal for 4 WaterFalls- P 300 (*2)

Guide Fees:

  • Inambakan, Ginatilan – n/a
  • Dau, Samboan- 100/2
  • Aguinid, Samboan-  125 (*2)
  • Hidden Falls, Samboan- 100/2
  • Fare from Ginatilan – Bato – P30
  • Fare from Bato – Oslob – n/a
  • Fare from Oslob – Cebu- P150

From Samboan, we asked Kuya if where is the cheapest place that we could rent since we only need it to secure our stuff in the morning and to charge our gadgets as well, he then sent us to Ginatilan. The place is not luxurious, it has common CR, and just pretty good for backpackers. The owner said that he is still in the process of earning funds to fix everything on his resort. The water was so tempting that night, yet since we both were tired we just had a few talk and both turned to our facebooking & instagramming session beside the bay.

The next day, we started our trek at 6AM in Ginatilan Falls/Inambakan Falls and we ended our trip at 12:30. It was tiring yet full of fun. See the snippets below.

  • Inambakan, Ginatilan

  • Dau, Samboan

Where we were telling ourselves that we will not take a dip here because we don’t want to spend a lot of time on this falls, but this it proved us wrong. Reaching the falls will take a 15-20 min walk from the registration point. Our guide was very patient with us—it took us a long time to reach the fall because of taking pictures and he’s okay with that.T he rock formation that surrounds the waterfall is amazing. Since there are no other guests aside from us, it was a perfect timing to take a lot of pictures.

  • Aguinid Falls, Samboan

One of the most interesting waterfalls in South Cebu.

  • Hidden Falls/Binalayan Falls Samboan

After these waterfalls in Samboan, we decided to take a different route going back to Cebu. We took a bus going to Bato, and had our lunch. From Bato, we dropped in Oslob to check out the Cuartel. The place is very relaxing and a perfect spot to spend after a long hours of trekking and rock climbing.

  • Cuartel, Oslob –

Since we’ve already been to Sumilon, Oslob’s Whalesharks and Tumalog Falls, this time, we went to Cuartel. The setting is just amazing. This is what we have missed 2 years ago. See the snippets (grabbed from Topper).

4PM – Back to Cebu

10PM – Back to Bacolod via Tabuelan

If you have a 2-day rest days, don’t miss this out.

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