Are you seriously ready for an undercut/nape cut?

Are you seriously ready for an undercut/nape cut?

It has been sitting on my TO DO list for 2 years. I have been seeing a lot of ladies have undercut around Cebu and I keep on wondering if where can I get the best undercut in the arBut before that, it took me a long time to decide that it’s a go.

My rest days several months ago were every Wednesdays and Thursdays, and if I didn’t have any itineraries on that week, I just look for a coffee shop or do whatever things I could think of, part of that is to do something new.

It was one Wednesday when I asked a friend if I should do undercut or just go home, and he told me that if you really wanted to, then go for it. I stayed in Parkmall right after our breakfast, and went to FRANZY. I gave Kuya the picture of the undercut style that I wanted to, but it was very, very disappointing—yet I didn’t have a choice but to deal with it. It’s totally an Expectation vs Reality thing.

shavedhair, don'tcare 😂 #undercut #chakaperosigenalang

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I really hated the style, so I went to ANNIE P170 in Ayala right after my shift (after that day)—

My 3rd undercut was at SALON DE ROSE -P140 and the guy who shaved my hair got my request it right and almost perfect!

^The design that I wanted for the hairstylist to copy. Easier than the curve one.

My 4th undercut was at BRUNO’S – P250 (image below)

So if you are planning to have and undercut, here are the things that you need to consider:

  1. Find the right barbershop/salon.
  2. Look for your prospect design(s).
  3. Ask yourself if it is just a try or if you want to maintain it.
  4. Always ask if they can do the design that you wanted. If you are too hesitant, just leave and look for another hairstylist.
  5. Be ready for whatever the output is, good or bad. Your hair will just grow in 2 – 3 weeks and you can have another design.
  6. Always get the name of the hairstylist, so that the next time that you will visit the salon, it’s either you will look for him(her) again, or look for another stylist.


In Cebu, it’s really hard to find someone who does nape undercut perfectly unless you know someone who does it very well. So far, my favorite is ANNIE’s located in Ayala Lower Ground Floor.



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