My Osmeña Peak Traverse Experience

Itinerary: Osmeña Peak, Kawasan Falls, Lambug in 2 Days & 2 Nights | Travel Date: February 2015

My RestDays Travelogue

I know there’s a lot of people have its own piece of experience on their Osmena Peak traverse already yet I just wanted to share mine as well.  The content of this might not have the information about difficulty rating, adventure duration, the allotted hours and all the rating that everyone needs to know… yet to those who are planning to go here and not interested of going to oPeak yet— here’s for you— our pictures might not be that inviting, but trust me, going there is a lot of fun and worth it. Below is a POV from a mountain-hiking noob.

Day 1 – Afternoon

  • 2PM – 4PM: Cebu City – Mantalungon Market

Instead of taking a bus from South Bus Terminal we took the jeepney at Carbon for less than a 100php and the end point is the Mantalungon market.

  • 4PM – Lunch & Marketing
  • We also bought 2 Lechon Manok, puso and some drinks for our dinner
  • I also bought a rubber shoes in Mantalungon market since I wasn’t able to bring a pair for P250 only.  I could still vividly remember how Jason made fun of me of using Jansport and bringing my big duffle bag… Yes, I just want to bring everything in the mountains! 🙂 And not an ideal OOTD 😂😂😫

4:30 PM – Trek to Osmena Peak

5:30 PM – Summit, Sunset, Pitching of Tent, Socials

 Day 2 – Summit to Sea

So we actually thought that we could witness the sunrise, but no, it was zero visibility and it lasted until 8AM, by that time, we needed to go down the peak.

On our final phase~ To KAWASAN 3rd falls.

class=”alignnone wp-image-459″ src=”” alt=”” width=”960″ height=”720″> After soaking up at Kawasan Falls, we decided to go to Lambug instead of Moalboal since it’s already 6PM. Jessie went back to Cebu since he still had a shift in the morning.

Camp at Lambug, Badian

 Day 3 – Home Sweet Home

It was a pretty day in Lambug. Negros Occidental is so near yet so far. We took our breakfast and lunch in Lambug nd separated our ways. Mai & Top dropped off at Dumanjug, going back to Negros Occidental while Kris & I had our way back to Cebu.

Expenses: Homestay at P500


-DO NOT FORGET your hoodie or sweater, sleeping bag and tent, as the rain is very unpredictable at night. Flashlight, water, chocolate bars and powerbanks.

-You are blessed if you could witness the sunrise in the summit. When we visited the place it was very foggy in the morning.

-Bring a lot of water & food, for yourself, of course.

-DO NOT THROW AWAY your garbage anywhere. Be a responsible hiker.


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