Finally, the Great Wall of China – Mutianyu

Finally, the Great Wall of China – Mutianyu

On getting to The Great Wall of China – Mutianyu

One of my most exciting trips in China was when I reached The Great Wall of China in Mutianyu. When I arrived in Qian Men hostel, I was welcomed with several packages with different prices on going to The Great Wall of China. I don’t have any hesitations on booking a package, I was just wondering on which of the packages I wanted to take. There are four locations for The Great Wall of China: (1) Badaling (2) Mutianyu (3) Jinshaling (4) Jiankuo. I think there are more portions of The Great Wall of China but there are only 4 packages on that hostel. I took the Mutianyu route, as per the front desk, it’s the longest wall amongst any other walls..

A 280RMB/CNY will take you to The Great Wall of China – Mutianyu and includes the following:

  • day tour, group tour
  • hotel pickup
  • English-speaking guide
  • inclusive of lunch and admission fees
  • no stop-overs
  • cable car fees are not included.

My Great Wall of China – Mutianyu Experience

It was my first day in Beijing and I was pretty excited with my Great Wall of China Tour. I prepared myself early as the pick-up starts at 6AM. I was just around the corner of Hutong so I took some time to roam around while waiting for the bus. It wasn’t busy yet but the several stores and establishments were already open.

It was already 7 and I went back to the hostel. Up until that time, I have a butterflies in the stomach feeling, and I waited for this moment a long time ago.

Mostly. Asians!

The bus arrived and we fetched everyone in the Beijing circle until the bus was full. There was a transfer of tourists from one bus to another bus (which idk why). After that, we proceeded to go to Mutianyo. It was almost an hour and a half going when we arrived to the foot of Mutianyo.

The lady tour guide briefed us with the map, cable car fees and the time that we need to be back to the same spot where we can spend our lunch.



I want to trek up to the top, yet it will be very time consuming and we only had 3-4 hours left. So paid for a back and forth cable car ticket for 100RMB. It’s almost 20 minutes waiting time to take your turn.

The queue was pretty long (but I believe that it’s the normal queue, unlike what I experienced in Beijing, it was a mob!), and I just waited patiently until it was my turn. It took 5 minutes for us to arrive to the wall.

Which way?


And this – – – on my arrival at the .


When I arrived at the wall, I was seriously amazed and mesmerized by how they preserve everything. IT FELT GREAT, that finally I was able to step on The Great Wall of China. Who wouldn’t?

I started to trek all by myself, because I wasn’t able to find a buddy that time. I was too introvert 😃. The trail is friendly to all ages and for all paces. That time, there were few tourists, and I don’t have to excuse or right of way all the time. I was trekking the whole time under the scorching heat and it didn’t bother me.

My time’s running up, and I needed to get back to the bus for lunch.


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