A 24-Hour Escape in Baler

Location: Baler, Aurora | Travel Date: June 15-June18, 2017

I booked a ticket for Vietnam in February for my supposed to be 28th birthday celebration. I again planned to do a tri-city (which failed last year) and it failed again this year.  My 10-day vacation leave was already approved by my senior manager, however on June 4, I was rolled off to another project and will be on training starting on June 19. I kept on looking for an affordable ticket from Hanoi to Cebu, but I haven’t found one until the day comes that I need to do something with those tickets.

On June 13, I decided to just use the June 15 ticket going to Manila, and will look for a Manila-Cebu ticket on June 18. I asked my friend if he can go with me to Vigan, until we realized that it’s not doable for him because he only had 1 rest day. So I asked him to go to Baler instead, which he agreed. I think it’s the nearest to Manila.

How to get to Baler from Manila:

We arrived at Cubao at 330 AM, when we saw the schedule that the next trip will be at 5:30AM, so we waited for almost 2 hours. We took the P650 ride of Genesis-Joybus and it took almost 5.5 hrs to arrive in Baler. From the terminal of Joybus, it took us almost 20-30 minutes to our reservation at Nigella’s Beach House, Dela Torre Beach Resort which we just booked few hours before our departure.

Genesis/JoyBus Schedule P650 -Semi Deluxe P750 -Deluxe


Our accommodation in Baler.

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The travel time was pretty tiring yet the place didn’t fail us. It is very peaceful yet far from the main town. What attracted us most are the rock formations around the resort. Since we arrived at 12 noon, we didn’t have the chance to roam around for lunch. We weren’t able to buy anything, so we just look for a store around the area and took whatever is available- there was no restaurants nor a lot of cafeterias nearby, so if your accommodation is here, it’s recommended to buy foods ahead of time.

Nigella’s Beach House

We asked Kuya Edgard, our trike driver, that we will just go to Sabang Beach for surf at 2PM. When we arrived at the surf site-Charlies Point, we joined the staff in the hut, the sun was a show off, there were no people in the shoreline, the waves were pretty small, and it’s a laid back place. It was lonely 2:30PM, then we decided to go back to the main town to look for a food and bought their rash guard. We dropped at Giggles to buy some souvenirs and at Goldilocks to buy some food. We went back at 3PM, yet the waves were still small, and we then waited until 4PM to surf.

Baler’s trike good for 3PAX.
Surf Tutorial for P300/hour.


Charlie’s cottages.


Gettin ready to surf, yet the waves aren’t that big tho’

Afternoon bumming at Sabang Beach.

I only saw 2 banks/ATM Machines- Landbank and PNB, which is pretty good for those who need to withdraw cash. We brought food or our dinner, water, coffee and few chips, and had it in our place. The beach house is fully equipped with kitchen utensils so you just can bring any raw foods and cook it from there.

‘HI’ to our protective moms, “Wala kami nagutman”. 🙂

The beach house is complete with their kitchen facilities and utensils. Recommended especially for a large groups or a family outing.
The beach house is complete with their kitchen facilities and utensils. Recommended especially for a large groups or a family outing.


In the morning, we asked Kuya Edgar that we need to go to the Dicasalarin Cove to watch the sunrise yet we woke up pretty late, however we  still witnessed the sunrise in our place. After our coffee, he drove us off to Diguisit Falls.

There were several places in this area that have springs, Digiusit is just one. This place is blessed with a lot of natural resources.

The Diguisit Falls just around the highway.

We then decided to go to Dicasalarin Cove, however according to the locals; the trike couldn’t reach there, so we took their offer. It was P75/way from Diguisit Falls – Dicasalarin Cove. The entrance fee is P300 and I told GM & JC to just see it from afar because it was very expensive for just a 3-hour visit. When we arrived at the entrance, the cove is very enticing, and you just can’t say no to what it offers.

At first, I was very hesitant to pay P300 just to go around, but when I saw the view from the gate, the view was breath taking.

It was low tide when we arrived at the cove and we saw a tower-like structure from afar. It was a 15-20 minute uphill. The moment we arrive at the top, the view was very breathtaking. You will see the beauty and the differences between the two majestic coves.

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We didn’t have much time to visit the Parola/Lighthouse, Ermita Hall, the Balete Tree and the museum because our trip going back to Manila is at 2PM, but for sure, I will be back one of these days.

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